It’s only day 5 of 2012

2012, so far, has been extremely eventful for those following the political stories in Morocco. I’ve found myself waking up to a new development every morning without even having enough time to catch my breath from the last.

Let’s breakdown the events in a bulleted timeline, shall we?

  • January 1 – Aziz Akhennouch resigns from his party, RNI: He was Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries under the previous government, and his decision to resign from his party has allowed him to secure his spot, remaining Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries as a political independent.
  • January 2 – King Mohammad VI appoints former Foreign Minister, Taib Fassi-Fihri, as a royal adviser: This came as a surprising disappointment to many, including myself. The announcement comes after former Minister of Tourism, Yassir Zenagui, and palace insider/founder of the Party of Authenticity and Modernity, Fouad Ali El Himma were also appointed as royal advisers.
  • January 3 – New Moroccan cabinet announced, with 31 cabinet positions: The much anticipated announcement debunked and confirmed many circulating rumors. According to sources cited in the linked article, 4 of the positions were decided by the palace, in addition to Aziz Akhennouch maintaining his position. Ramid, a public supporter of the February 2oth Movement and member of the PJD, was announced as Minister of Justice.
  • January 4 – Violent clashes in the northern city of Taza between protesters and riot police: People were protesting for economic reform, and according to reports, the slogans addressed the royal family’s personal wealth, including chants calling for the fall of the regime, chants not common to Moroccan protests. Footage showing an injured student is one of many.
  • January 5 – The trial of detained rapper, Mouad L7a9ed, postponed again: The trial demonstrated many inconsistencies from the part of the alleged victim, who is accusing Mouad of assault. @Larbi_org‘s Twitter timeline provides concise coverage of the trial, which many had hoped and expected would be his last. However, the trial went on past midnight, and the judge ended it with a continued date of January 10. A request for release on bail will be addressed tomorrow morning.

2012 may be the end of the world, according to the Mayans, but it’s definitely beginning with a bang for Moroccans.


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