The latest initiative to solve Morocco’s problems: National Chastity Day

Always expect Al Arabiya to be on top of any story on Morocco when it’s about sex. I tried reading through this piece on the proposed National Chastity Day by a certain Sheikh Abu Zaid who must have some dirty thoughts and a lot of spare time on his hands to put forth such a proposition.

This day, he said, will aim at fighting all “unchaste” phenomena that have lately invaded the conservative Moroccan society.

Oh, I see where this is coming from. This is about that new sex shop in Casablanca, right my pure and enlightened Abu Zaid? I’m sure if you ask someone, they’ll get you whatever you need. I heard they’ve got quite an assortment of products.

I mean, between a serious budget deficit, unimplemented political reforms, rising food prices, ongoing oppression of protesters throughout the country, let’s take a moment to evaluate this proposition of a “National Chastity Day.”

Penelope Cruz (or, technically, Maria Elena) will evaluate this for me:

My sweet, dear Abu Zaid. Are they printing Qurans with lead ink? Let’s say you sincerely cared about launching a nationwide initiative for the greater good of the Moroccan people, but still keeping it related to sex. I came up with a couple options for you:

  • National Anti-Underage Sex Orgies With Foreign Dignitaries DayDo we all remember this gem? An unnamed French minister paying young boys for sex, going protected by the Moroccan government. Let’s imagine how many other cases have gone unreported.
  • Wait, how about just a National Anti-Underage Sex Prostitution DayFrance24 ran a chilling report on the prevalence of underage sex prostitution in Morocco, namely in the tourist city of Marrakech. Watch it if you haven’t. You too Abu Zaid.
  • National Human and Sex Trafficking Awareness Day: When this story came out last year about an elaborate ring of 13 people who trafficked women from Morocco to Abu Dhabi and forced them into prostitution, it went largely unnoticed by Moroccan media. I don’t recall hearing anything of it. And this market between Morocco and the Gulf is extremely lucrative, and has gone virtually ignored by Moroccan officials without a single policy set in place to crackdown on this. The U.S. State Department has a report on the rampant human and sex trafficking between Morocco and the Gulf. Can someone get this report to Abu Zaid?

Any other “national day” suggestions for Abu Zaid? Leave them below!


4 thoughts on “The latest initiative to solve Morocco’s problems: National Chastity Day

  1. Frankly, I do not see any contadiction between the several national days you proposed and the national chastity day proposed by Sheikh Idrissi: Underage Sex With Foreign Dignitaries, Underage Sex Prostitution and Human and Sex Trafficking are all unchaste phenomena. So I think you are in line with each other.

  2. Dear Samia,

    I think you are being a bit harsh on Mr Abu Zaid.

    First of all, you don’t need to “have some dirty thoughts and a lot of spare time on your hands to put forth” the proposition he came up with. We hear stories everyday of how young Moroccans are being unchaste, the number of sexual relations outside marriage are increasing and the negative consequences of it on the society (sexual diseases, emotional distress of girls being used by boys just for sex, increase of number of old single women who have been wasting their youth in illegal relationships, rise of divorce rates because of unreasonably high expectations from the husband and wife). We see everyday in front of ours eyes the way young Moroccans are becoming sexualised influenced by the media, internet and sattelite dishes (Pornography, Video clips with provocative scenes, TV series). I think it is because of this that Mr Abu Zaid came up with his proposition: A day to encourage chastity and say to our youth it is ok to be a virgin until you get married, there is no shame in that, we are here with you although you are bombarded everyday with images of sex from left right and centre, be strong. It is a day where we can highlight that chastity has positive effects on society, it encourages and promotes family life and as we know healthy and sane families are the foundation of society. I think it should be chastity day everyday

    I have to point out that you have raised some valid issues which I think Mr Abou Zaid will agree you with upon and would love to see such things eradicated from our society. I support you in that as well.

    By the way, I do not know Mr abou Zaid personally, I just read your article and I thought I will give my opinion.

    Just another addition, I am not sure why you had to mention the Quran being written in lead ink. Please enlighten me. If you mean that Quran can be changed and interpreted any way we like, I am afraid I have to disagree. It is the belief of all Muslims on this planet that the Quran is the final revelation of God and that for this reason it will be valid until the end of time. Quran is as relevant today as it was 1400 years ago and provides many solutions to today’s problems. People just dont bother to study the teachings of Islam and understand the wisdom and benefit behind them.

    Today we have a problem, we believe that anything to do with Islam is archaic, and we tend to lable anyone who talks about religion or call to it as a backwards, fundamentalist, terrorist, anarchist …

    I ask God to guide us to the truth.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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