I can officially move on.

I just had a flashback of a funny memory. When I was first getting into blogging last year, I remember coming across the most pro-regime post ever, written by WaPo blogger, Jennifer Rubin. It was published less than 2 weeks before the constitutional referendum and read like a piece from la MAP. Here’s an excerpt:

The constitution will no doubt be opposed by the secular left, which would like to abolish the monarchy altogether, and by the Islamists who will bristle at all that diversity, especially the king’s role in protecting other faiths. But the king is still seen as a beloved and unifying figure in the country, and the opposition is not expected to be able to vote down the proposed constitution.

[…]On Sunday there were peaceful protests of a few thousand calling for reforms to go further. No one was killed. Parties opposing the constitution aren’t banned. There is, it seems, something to be learned from the Moroccan experience.

I wrote her a lengthy email responding to some of the claims she made in her post. The following is a screenshot of her reply to my email (click on image to view her whole response):

I genuinely didn’t know if I should’ve taken her calling me a man as an insult or a compliment. Or if she just couldn’t tell that Samia is a female name. Anyways, today, I was doing some research for an upcoming piece and was going through the records of the Moroccan lobby on the Department of Justice’s websites. I came across this link. It’s a bit old, from 2010. But towards the end, it lists members of the media the Moroccan lobby has made contact with (whether via email, meeting, etc.). It also lists what topics the Moroccan lobby brought up.  I had a good laugh at this:

Now that explains why Al Oula was citing her blog posts as an official source and representation of American public opinion on Moroccan affairs!

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