Hierarchy in the House of God

Ramadan. A month of spirituality for some, self-reflection for others, and time spent being thankful while acknowledging the less-fortunate. It’s also the month of primetime Moroccan state propaganda. Above is a quick photo I snapped of Mohammed VI and Benkirane, along with other officials, praying the evening tarawih Ramadan prayer. Yes, Moroccan state television allocates the resources and time slots to cover the king praying.

Cover anti-government protests? Nope. Interview families of detained political prisoners? Hah, good one. Host balanced debates on pertinent topics such as the budget deficit? Psh, yeah right.

Now we can have a discussion about the egalitarian nature of Islam as a religion and the lack of institutionalized hierarchy, whatever. But there is something disgustingly dictatorial and borderline polytheistic of an imam bowing down to kiss the shoulder of the king before and after leading a prayer in the “House of God.” Gotta secure those grimat, right?



2 thoughts on “Hierarchy in the House of God

  1. +++

    The Moroccan State Television is supposed to broadcast whatever its governing charter is dictating.

    In this case, it is covering an event attended by the president and the king of the very state that is funding it.

    While the State Channel is broadcasting this non-sense, the state is not preventing anyone from broadcasting over satellite any of the alternative programs suggested in this article.

    The real question is: Why isn’t anyone doing it?


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