Omar Brouksy, Moroccan AFP journalist, brutally assaulted and harassed

Unbelievable footage. Today, August 22, during a protest in Rabat, a journalist with Agence France Presse (AFP) was brutally assaulted and harassed by police. His name is Omar Brouksy and Reporters Without Borders has already released a statement on the situation. Why? They did not believe he was a journalist and kept beating and harassing him until he pulled his press badge out of his bag. The moment he pulled it out, the police completely left him alone and walked away as far as possible from the scene. But it was too late at that point. Bystanders filmed away and the journalist made his intentions clear that he plans to legally pursue the police for beating and harassing him.

This happened only a few hours ago right in front of the Moroccan parliament building. This is your Moroccan exception. This is your Moroccan model. This is your 2011 reformed constitution. Senselessly beating journalists, running away from the scene, and proving why these protests should continue every minute of every day.


2 thoughts on “Omar Brouksy, Moroccan AFP journalist, brutally assaulted and harassed

  1. The fact that Omar Brousky was brutalized by the Moroccan police while covering a demonstration in front of the parliament is not news. Moustapha El Khalfi’s immediate apology to AFP… now, that’s juicy. As John B. Bogart said: “When the Moroccan police beats a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if the government apologizes, that is news.”

  2. By coincidence, i found this article and as a free citizen moroccan, i have to reply on it:
    Moroccan Ppe are not what you think. we know and we recognize the true moroccan ‘journalists’ who shout for a democratic change. Maintaining the political stability and safeguarding the moroccan royal system are some references of a real intellectual moroccan. And just so you know, morocco is already on that way ‘democratic way for changes to be better to leader’, So we ask no aid of any association, any assembly, any state, any gov or party that doesn’t understand our priorities (Religion, traditions, royal system, political stability,…)
    Journalist is just a human and as you know, there are good and bad. Before believing a story, must see its credibility.
    Now, to correct what written by cabalam…: Mustapha El Khalfi never made an excuse for What Happend. He said, that he will do the necessary and ‘deep investigation will be made’…

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