My interview with Lina Ben Mhenni

Last week, I had the chance to attend the World Forum for Democracy, held in Strasbourg. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting and sitting down with Lina Ben Mhenni (she needs no introduction, but here is her Wikipedia page).

Jetlag and jammed schedules aside, we spoke for about 5 minutes on some hard-hitting issues and the ongoing situation in Tunisia. Below is an excerpt:

SE: After a Tunisian woman was raped, then consequently charged with indecency, what was your reaction to the Tunisian government response?

LBM: Every time this incident comes up, I get goose bumps. I am truly shocked and disgusted by the government’s reaction. Here we have a woman who was raped by police officers–officers who are supposed to ensure security and protect citizens. Instead of taking care of the woman by providing either physical or psychological help, she was instead accused of committing a crime. They said they found her in an “indecent situation.” But even if she was found in an “indecent situation,” that does not justify the act of rape. It is not an excuse. I was truly shocked to hear this reaction of the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior.

Read more here.


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