The Party of Authenticity and Modernity’s Kawtar Benhamou

So much has been said and written about Benhamou after she posed on top of a tractor in what appeared to be a photo op for her election campaign in Bouknadel. The photo is below and if you look closely, you can see her carrying her campaign pamphlet.

koutarI came across the above video on a friend’s Facebook timeline and my reaction evolved from curiosity to wheezing laughter to depression. I of course don’t condone the demeaning misogynistic tone the hosts held towards her at certain points during the interview, but at the same time, her position as a member of the royalist Party of Authenticity and Modernity warrants criticism. Good on her for taking a proactive role in engaging her community, but what kind of change is she really fighting for considering her association with a political party that started from the palace halls? These are the questions that should be asked more thoroughly.

I’m contemplating transcribing an English translation of the full interview for anthropological purposes…


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