News recap in Morocco

With scattered thoughts and lack of clarity, sometimes analysis is not really the appropriate way to approach certain moments. As things in Morocco continue to unfold, instead of offering the usual formula, might serve well to just revisit recent headlines for a better picture:

  • Mohammed VI pardons a pedophile then claims he didn’t know only after protests were held.
  • 16 members of the royal guard died in a truck accident, 42 injured.
  • 23-year old street vendor in El Jadida beaten by police after he refused to pay them a bribe.
  • Moroccan bakers are threatening to cease bread production in protest over rising costs.
  • Police in Tangier raped an underage girl from Cote d’Ivoire. There was also a separate incident where police in Tangier threw a Congolese woman from a bus, resulting in her death.
  • Senegalese expat murdered over a dispute on a bus–he was subject to racial slurs prior to his murder.
  • Coalition government is in shambles. Istiqlal out, PPS falling apart, RNI is hot and cold…
  • Food subsidy cuts are on the agenda.

Le plus beau pays du monde et toussa.


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