JADMAG Issue 1.2 “Beyond Dominant Narratives on the Western Sahara” and other things.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.36.37 PMEarlier this year, I co-edited an electronic roundtable with my colleague Allison L. McManus on Jadaliyya about the Western Sahara. I’m happy to announce that Tadween Publishing has just released a print and electronic version of this roundtable, along with resources on better understanding the Western Saharan conflict. If you’re interested in grabbing your own copy, here’s the link to place an order. Through the publication process, this roundtable evolved into a really useful pedagogical resource, especially with the additional resources listed in the back for learners and educators. It’s also presented in a way that’s legible beyond the classroom.

On a different note, my article for the Journal of North African Studies‘ special issue on women, gender, and the “Arab Spring” is now Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.51.35 PMavailable online. My contribution frames the grievances of working class women in Morocco within a broader political economic framework–taking special look at the suicides of Fadoua Laroui and Amina Filali, as well as the role of working class women in the February 20th Movement. For those with subscriptions, here’s a link to read the full article.

And finally, the second episode of Jadaliyya‘s monthly audio podcast, JAD FOR REEL (عن جد), is now up! It’s been amazing co-hosting this monthly podcast with Noura Erakat and I recommend listening to it, as it’s a really great way to get the rundown of the latest pieces on Jadaliyya. It serves as a sort of audio digest of the monthly archive, but also showcases interviews with important scholars and activists in and from the region.  I’ve also embedded the SoundCloud widget below for those who want to give it a quick listen. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.


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