A Visit to the Moroccan Liberation Army Museum

I had heard about the High Commissariat of the Veteran Resistance Fighters and Members of the Moroccan Liberation Army from a number of friends and colleagues. My interest in visiting this institution had more to do with my research than anything else. I was surprised to find the massive building tucked away not far from the Rabat-Agdal train station. As I wandered inside, the empty reception desk and absent signs definitely gave the impression that this place received few outside visitors. Upstairs, I was kindly welcomed by the in-house historian who offered me a literature guide of all the texts housed in the library. The librarian opened up the library for me and handed me a stack of books to get lost in as I sat outside the library taking makeshift copies with my phone and notes.

I heard some commotion in the lower level, where I saw the sign for a museum, which the curator opened for me. After a brief conversation about my research and as I wandered around the first floor, he tells me, “If you’re working on the Moroccan Liberation Army, the upper levels will be of more interest for you.” And so I went up…five whole floors of relics, artistic odes, artifacts, and framed glorifications of resistance carried out by one of the most historically-overlooked anti-colonial mobilizations: the Moroccan Liberation Army. Here are some pictures.


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